Professional Communication Training: How to Deal with Narcissists
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Communication skills training:  How to talk to a Narcissist

How to Deal with a Narcissist at Work: 4 Secrets for Talking so Your Narcissist Will Listen

Communication skills training:  Are you struggling dealing with a narcissist at work--wondering how to talk so your narcissist will listen, and hear what you're saying? Learn the 4 secrets to talking so a narcissist will listen in this effective communication skills training lesson by communication expert Dan O'Connor. The 4 secrets you'll learn about in today's free online communication skills training course are:

  1. Use honorifics
  2. Use labels, and keep descriptions action-focused
  3. Remember it's always "Us versus Them"
  4. Praise using the active voice / criticize with the passive voice.

After watching the video or listening to the audio, use communication expert Dan O'Connor's tips to modify your message the next time you have to communicate with a narcissist at work, and watch how your message will be transformed, and you can suddenly get through to the narcissist while still delivering the same message--only in a way they can hear it.

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